You have been hired to go to Twoeagles Ranch, headquarters of Oklahoma oil baron John Twoeagles, and free Angela Jordan, daughter of the President of Louisiana. You have been given a computer-cube of notes and instructions from Irene Mirabeau. If you complete the mission, you will earn $100,000 in gold. You have been given $5,000 in advance! You have this amount, plus your starting Wealth (whatever you chose, from $1,000 to $6,000) as your total bankroll to begin the adventure.

You know your mission is a desperate one. Officially, Louisiana has knuckled under to Twoeagles' blackmail. Only a surprise attack can save Angela.

And your time is limited. Twoeagles' plan is devilishly simple. Jordan is an old man - and Angela is young and single. If Twoeagles marries her, he will become the "crown prince" - and can easily succeed Jordan as President of Louisiana. And the wedding is set for 1pm tomorrow - exactly 24 hours from now.

It is now 1pm. You have 24 hours to free Angela before the wedding. Whenever a paragraph tells you to mark off time, record the new time on your Record Sheet.

Your vehicle is a Piranha, a luxury-sized combat car. It has space for both a driver and a gunner - but your gunner seat is empty. This will give you a place to put Angela when you rescue her. It is shown on the Record Sheet on the opposite page.

You also start off with the following possessions:
Machine Pistol (does 2 hits damage to people,) hit to vehicles; worth $250)
Body Armor (worth $250; gives your character 3 extra hit points.)
Assorted simple tools for repair work.

You're ready to begin your mission. Turn to Paragraph 182.