The salesman smiles and rubs his hands. "Sure thing! Can do! How much time ya got?" When you explain that you're in a hurry, he nods. "Got just the thing for you, then."

He offers you this deal: He can pull out your front rocket launcher and replace it with a recoilless rifle. With the trade-in on the rocket launcher and ammo that you have, the price (parts, labor, and ammunition) for the recoilless rifle will be $1,200. The recoilless rifle has a Combat Bonus of 0(instead of the -1 for the rocket launcher) and does the same 2 dice damage. It has 3 damage boxes instead of 2.

If you accept, pay the $1,200 and mark off 1 1/2 more hours. Otherwise, you may leave immediately. What will you do?

Hit the road immediately with the weaponry you have (16).

Drop by the Austin AADA and get information about road conditions, if you have not already done so (307).