You head for the local branch of Uncle Albert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop, the famous combat supply store. As usual, there are dozens of interesting devices on display. What would you like to buy?

Body armor (like the suit you have on). Gives you 3 extra hit points: $250.

Improved Body Armor (gives you 6 extra hit points, and raises your character's Defense Class from 9 to 10): $1,500.

Vehicle combat computer (+ 1 combat bonus to all shots you make): $1,000.

Hi-res vehicle combat computer (+2 combat bonus to all shots you make): $4,000.

Machine pistol (Like the one you have): $250.

Limpet mine (for sticking to things and blowing them up): $60.

Grenades: $25 each.

You can buy as many of each item as you like, within your starting bankroll ($5,000, plus your Wealth). Exception: You may only buy one computer! You may have as many sets of body armor as you like, but you can only wear one at a time.

Note the items you buy on your record sheet, and mark off the cash you spent.

Your trip to Uncle Albert's took 1 hour - or 2 hours if you bought a computer, because it had to be installed. Mark this time off. What will you do now?

Ask about a quick weaponry upgrade while you're here, if you still have money (30).

Hit the road immediately with the weaponry you have (16).

Drop by the Austin AADA and get information about road conditions, if you have not already done so (307).